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BJ Seongha Sexy Dance HD Collection No.3

BJ Seongha Sexy Dance HD Collection No.3

Seongha - a very cute and sweet Korean girl. Although her dances are somewhat not as flashy as the other girls, she made it up with her sweetness.  Also, her streaming room is very clean and well-lit. One of the best set-up among streamers. On top of all this, she has a very lovely wardrobe! You will not be disappointed if you like cute girl twrecking :) This is her 3rd HD Collection including 100 dances she performed from May - July 2021.


Get her HD colleciton Now!


File Size: 11.6 GB (Please make sure you have enough space on your device before purchase)


BJ Seongha Collection series:

BJ Seongha Sexy Dance Collection No.1

BJ Seongha Sexy Dance Colleciton No.2


*All collections are also included in the MEGA BUNDLE* (Get bundle at a great discount!)

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